Kennel FurAndPaws

No puppies availible for the moment!

We are planning our next litter in spring 2019, we do not know who the male will be yet. But I am very sure he will be a very handsome guy with a great working potentiale.

Chodský Pes

- Den tjekkiske nationalrace


  Quality Care, Quality Breeding, Quality Life. Quality Chodský Pes

Tina Bundgaard  - Sømosevej 37, 9610 Nørager - tina@chodsky-pes.dk - Tlf. +45 29861397


  • We are now registrated in the FCI as kennel FurAndPaws (the first in Denmark), offcourse we have the breeder stamp from Danish Kennel Club. So we have the knowledge of breeding.

  •  Januar '13, the breed was approoved in the nordic kennel clubs (DKK, NKK & SKK).

  • From time to time we will have older dogs for sale - if they for some reason will not be suitable for breeding, take contact to hear more about this.

  • Chodsky Pes are in the specialbreed club in DKK, called KHKG (www.khkg.dk) and we would love some more Chodsky pes members
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Træf i 2019

Racetræffet i 2019 vil blive afholdt omkring Sæby, d. 31.maj-2.juni 2019.

Program og sted, kommer snarest på, www.dcpk.dk! Denne side hører under Dansk Chodsky Pes klub, derudover er denne at finde på facebook.