Kennel FurAndPaws


FurAndPaws Empathia

Born: 2015

Mother: Herrera Vita Canina Pedigree: HERE

Father: Tobias z Dašického zátiší Pedigree: HERE

About FurAndPaws Empathia (Emma):

Emma is a fantastic girl, with a lot of drive and always in a good mood.

AD = 0

HD = A

Reg. in DKK

She has done MH (mentaltest) with the comments, very playfull and not afraid of shooting!

BIR puppy Gøteborg january 2015

Junior club champion 2017

Danish champion 2018

Amazing Atlanta

(bor hos udstationeringsfamilie i Randers)

Born: April 2013

Mor: Mimmi

Far: Robin Bryvilsar Pedigree HERE

About Amazing Atlanta (Molly):

Molly is a charming dog, with a lot of energy. She is always looking for new adventures and she will not stop for some small obsticles. Molly is a fantastic working dog, but also a wonderfull family dog, who loves cuddling.

Reg. in DKK and approved for breeding

AD = 0/0

HD = A/A

She got a very nice mentaltest - not afraid of shooting!



Fur And Paws Haley

(Haley bor med hendes udstationeringsfamilie ved Randers)



About Haley:

Haley is from our H-litter, with Emma as mother and Frey z Horské samoty, we are looking forward to follow this girl and her family in the future...

Storm Royal's Vela The Star

(Vela bor hos sin udstationeringsfamile i Silkeborg)

Born: 13-08-2017



About Vela:

Vela is a daughter from our male dog Arcus, we are looking forward to follow this lovely lady in the future...



In Memorian

Gabbi Vita Canina 

      Born: 05-12-2010 - 18-07-2011

We lost her in a nasty accident

Pedigree: HERE


Born: 06-03-2008

Mother: Isy vom Böhmerwald

Father: Herold vom Böhmerwald  Pedigree HERE

About Mimmi:

Mimmi was our first chodsky pes, she started the interest for this lovely breed. She is the grand lady... and she is just lovely!

She loves tracking and rally obedience, this is her strenght!

Reg. in DKK and approved for breeding.

ED result= 0/0

HD result = A/A

Veteran champion 2017

Daiquiry Lukato Gold

Born: 06-05-2015

Pedigree HERE


The mos loving dog!

Unfortunately she had severe idiophatic epiliptic seasures.

AD = 0

HD = A

Reg. in DKK