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Next litter summer 2019.



If you should be interested in a puppy from our kennel, you are more than welcome to write an email and tell a little about yourself and what you expect this new family member should bring into your life.

Think about this: How should your day with the puppy look like? What are your plans/expectations for the puppy? How are the possibilities for dogtraining in your area? How can you fullfill the needs of a Chodsky pes?

It is important for us that puppy buyer is willing to x-ray when the dog is around 12-18 months and also take the dog to behavior test at the danish kennel club. More info here

This is a great tool for you as a dog owner and also for us as breeders.



Price for puppies are 12.000,- danish kroner. We will take a deposit after the puppies are born and rest of the payment will be paid when puppies are 8 weeks.


OBS: The new regulation about import/export in europe, of dogs to other contries means that often you can't get the puppy before it is 15 weeks. Because of rabies vaccination at 12 weeks and then you have to wait 3 weeks before travelling. Make sure how it is in your country! We can keep the puppies untill 15 weeks, then the price will be 16.000,- danish kroner, because of extra vaccination and all the work we put in the puppies.


Our puppies are familymembers and live with us in the house. They will get DKK pedigree (x-register), veterinary examination, EU-passport, chip, vaccination, deworming and we make the sale agreement from DKK.


Puppies will be ready to leave for new homes, at the age of 8 weeks and we can keep the puppies untill they are 12 weeks.


For puppies who will go to new owners in other contries, we offer to keep the puppy for a little longer, make the necessary vaccination and deworming before travelling. New owner will pay for theese extra things.


Our puppies are growing up in our kitchen, with our family. They get used to kids, cats, other dogs, horses and we will make trips with car to the beach and the forest.

When the puppies leave our house, they will get puppyfood, collar and leash, some toys and a blanket they have used here - so it smells of mom, all nessesary papers, they have been vaccinated and dewormed and you have lifetime support - call us or write us all what you want!


It will be possible to see pictures of the puppies at our page on facebook and for people who are not on facebook, we will email pictures - and offcourse new owners are welcome to come and visit the puppies.



Summer 2013 we had the first litter with Chodsky Pes puppies in Denmark.

6 healthy puppies - 2 females and 4 boys (A-litter).

Since that we have had:

Mimmi x Robin Bryvilsar (born: 27/11-2013)  - 6 puppies (B-litter)

Herrera Vita canina x Tobias z Dazickeho zatisi (born 1/12-2013) - 8 puppies (C-litter)

AmazingAtlanta x Cheeky (born 28/01-2015) - 8 puppies (D-litter)

Herrera Vita canina x Tobias z Dazickeho zatisi (born 10/4-2015) - 4 puppies (E-litter)

Amazing Atlanta x Hasko Cidabro (born 14/4-2016) - 8 puppies (F-litter)

Fur And Paws Empathia x Itsu Bryvilsar (born 11/10-2017) 3 puppies (G-litter)

Fur And Paws Empathia x Frey z Horské samoty (born 12/4-2018) - 7 puppies (H-litter)



Tina Bundgaard  - Sømosevej 37, 9610 Nørager - tina@chodsky-pes.dk - Tlf. +45 29861397

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Vi forventer at kunne parre vores tæve Emma i slutningen af januar/starten af februar med Accer Black Mirabell

Accer er en hund med flere meritter indenfor både udstilling og lydighed og dogdancing.

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Accer Black Mirabell


We got the first Chodsky Pes litter in 2013 - it was the first litter in Denmark!